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‘Listen!!!’: Aly & AJ Find Their Way Back To Closure!

Aly & AJ have once again found their way back to us… and we’re so thankful for it.

At the top of December, the duo returned for another round in the form of “Slow Dancing,” the first single from their forthcoming studio album coming later this year. “I truly feel we made the album we were born to make and I can’t wait to share it with the world. It starts here,” Aly and AJ teased along with the dreamy release. “Enjoy and get ready to dance through 2021!”

And then, just as 2020 was about to come to an end, the sister duo dropped a truly undeservng Christmas gift in the form of “Potential Breakup Song,” re-recorded in its full explicit glory. “Except for the fact it was my birthday, my fuckin’ birthday…

They’re setting themselves up for a proper 2021, which brings us to their newest release: “Listen!!!” Yes, that’s “Listen!!!” with three exclamation points. They’re yelling for all the right reasons.

The sun-soaked track, produced by their Sanctuary collaborator Yves Rothman and co-penned with Jorge Elbrecht (who worked on Sky Ferreira‘s “Downhill Lullaby“), feels instantly fresh yet provokes a sense of nostalgia at the same time. Playing like a blend of shades of their more recent offerings and their Insomniatic days (“Closure” and “Flattery“) as they do their very best to break free of a toxic love that’s long since run its course. “Closer to closure,” as they say.

That your heart would never listen (Listen)/ I’m feelin’ like I’m a hostage here/ It’s clear something went missing (Missing)/ I might be lost but I know my way out…,” Aly and AJ declare across the swirls of synths, surf guitar, crashing drums and addictive echoing melodies.

This is exactly where Aly and AJ should be.

To put it simply: These girls are giving us everything that we want and need from them. The rest of the world needs to catch up and “Listen!!!” (see what I did there).

Aly & AJ’s new single “Listen!” is available on all streaming platforms here!

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