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Queer Necessities: Jon ALi’s December 2020 Playlist, Featuring Arlissa & More!

December has officially arrived, which means it’s time to get familiar with some of the very good and genuinely great songs of the past few weeks.

That’s right, it’s time for the December edition of Queer Necessities, my monthly LGBTQ-focused playlist where I catch you up on the latest releases by rising queer talent and fierce allies.

The cover star this month is British pop powerhouse Arlissa, who over the last year ignited major buzz with a string of critically acclaimed singles, most notably her viral smash “Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie.” Following “Healing” back in March, the stunning songstress has been slowly preparing us for the release of her long-awaited debut EP, The Lovers.

Old Love,” the second single from the upcoming project due out in February, is an emotive and pensive pop ballad driven by gorgoues instrumentation and a soaring chorus backed by a hair-raising choir. She says… ‘Old Love‘ is one of the many chapters of my life I’ve written about in the EP. You can expect a lot of raw, sometimes painful honesty throughout the EP.”

Talking about being open with her queer identity, Arlissa told Jon Ali in a statement: “It’s so important for me to be open about my queerness because growing up, I had so much fear attached to being queer due to the societal norms forced upon me. I didn’t know many queer people and felt very alone in a world of people who didn’t understand me. I don’t want anyone to ever feel alone or not represented. It’s already so tough growing up as it is. No one should ever feel like they don’t fit in made up societal spaces because of who they love. Love is love always.”

There’s plenty more where “Old Love” came from so get familiar with her name now if you haven’t already! This month’s selections also include new singles from Bronze Avery, Online Lover, Isaac Dunbar, Manu, Boy Untitled, Butterfly Feels, FHAT, Lil Nas X, Kidd Kenn, Saint Wade, vincethealien & more!

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