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On Track with Heartthrob Robb!

It’s time for another episode of On Track!

In case you missed the update last month… yes, I’m officially back for a second round of: On Track, my series focused on bringing you intimate sit-down interviews with rising queer talent and fierce allies. New podcast episodes are premiering weekly on Thursdays – Subscribe HERE!

Today (October 8), season two continues with the sexy slick, Heartthrob Robb!

The Los Angeles-based rapper Robby Antonio Zumaya, better known by his stage name Heartthrob Robb or Rob.B, has been carving his own space in the hip-hop scene for over six years. If you don’t already know, you’re about to find out why.

On this episode, Jon Ali shares his chat with Robb, recorded back in March, and properly dives into everything you need to know about the rising rapper: his upbringing, his friendship with Solomon Ray leading him into music, which artists were his biggest musical inspirations growing up, releasing his debut EP Eleven Eleven, queer representation in the music industry, his plans for the future and much more.

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