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‘Screenshots’: Gregory Dillon Gets Lost In Nostalgia

Gregory Dillon is back, and just as dreamy as ever.

The NYC-based singer-songwriter has been back for a while, actually: he returned with the euphoric “Plastic Ferrari” in June (you may have heard it on my Queer Necessities playlist), followed by “mischief!” with Zach Benson. (Life happened – life’s been happening – here we are.)

On his latest single, “Screenshots,” Gregory is inventing us to take a trip down memory lane with him.

“Revisiting rose-colored memories of an ex is tempting to do, especially when making new relationships is more challenging than ever but this song is definitely a rose-colored warning… DON’T TEXT YOUR EX!,” Gregory said in a statement to Jon ALi. “Easier said than done when all I’ve been doing for the past 4 months is housework in my tracksuit. From old text messages and social media posts, ‘Screenshots‘ seems to go head-to-head with the memories of my past now resurfacing back to life. I’ve been grappling with the in-between of holding on and letting go and this song is blasting in the background as I quite literally scroll through the old screenshots. My iphone 6 can’t take it anymore haha (seriously I’m out of storage!)”

On the dreamy track, Dillon grapples with the in-between of holding on and letting go of his ex love, which is a feeling many of us can relate to (we’ve all stalked our ex’s Instagram page once or twice or more). Sonically, “Screenshots” is another great addition to Dillon‘s collection of ’80s-inspired synth-pop anthems. It’s loaded with shimmering synth waves that pair perfectly with his raspy yet full-bodied voice – instant ear candy!

photography by Billie Black

Why is “Screenshots” so relevant to you now and what you hope people take away from it?

Screenshots‘ is a cautionary euphoric tale heavily inspired by ill-advised decisions. Although it was written before the quarantine, I find the drama of solidarity heightened more than ever and imagine everyone is also quite tangled by nostalgia.

Nostalgia is normally seen as good, no?

I’m deeply drawn to the past; both my suburban childhood as well as the decades that came before me. There is something so comforting in those memories and I’ve always seen nostalgia as bitter sweet. However, living on ‘diet’ of memories has also been really heartbreaking. It causes this sensation that I’m stuck! I’ve drawn heavily on the visuals of the 60’s American housewife, who socially were anchored to their home. You’ll see that motif heavily saturated into the music video that’s accompanying the track in a few weeks!

Gregory Dillon’s new single “Screenshots” is available to stream here!

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