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Simon Curtis Begins Anew With Alluring Self-Love Anthem, ‘Love’!

My boy Simon Curtis is finally back at it again.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been nearly ten years since the Boy Robot first stole our hearts away with his pop-packed (and free) debut LP,8-Bit Heart.

He’s done much growing since then… Simon has returned with a newfound confidence, kicking off the year with his brand new single: the fittingly titled “Love,” his first release since 2016.

“For me, more than anything, this song is about the moment when everything clicks and you finally learn to love yourself,” Simon told PAPER about the song. “It’s about looking in the mirror and thanking the universe, or God, and clicking into that frequency where you fully acknowledge how beautiful your own existence is.”

Love” is slow-building and alluring and probably the sexiest thing that he’s ever done since 2011’s “Flesh.” It carries shades of George Michael, and also evokes a romantic heart-on-the-sleeve type of Toni Braxton nostalgia, before exploding into it’s ’80’s-feeling, dreamboat of a chorus: “Like I wanna be loved/ Wanna be loved/ Love (Hold me tight just a little bit)/ Love (Hold me tight ’cause I’m feeling it)….,Simon croons across the intimate, inviting production.

It takes risks from the jump, with it’s lonesome intro, the falsetto-heavy vocals, and those gentle electronic pulsations throughout. A sensuous sonic escape fit for some luxuriating… or baby making… or self-love making. Maybe a bit of all of it. Easily one of the more exciting things I’ve heard this year – Welcome back Simon!

Simon Curtis’ brand new single “Love” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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