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Maren Morris Faces Her Inner Critic On Empowerment Anthem, ‘GIRL’!

Queen Maren Morris won over our hearts in 2018 with the inescapable “The Middle,” her three-time Grammy-nominated smash with Zedd and Grey.

But now, she’s back and all on her own again with “GIRL,” our first taste of what’s to come from her upcoming sophomore album.

“I was writing it as a letter to another girl who I felt had disrespected me and was constantly trying to be competitive with me when I just wanted to exist in my own space,” Maren told Rolling Stone. “But as we kept writing it, I realized I’m not talking to someone else — I’m talking to myself.”

It’s all about feeling broken down, but rising above in spite of everything — a self-empowerment anthem, yes, with the kind of sincerity you’d expect to come from Maren‘s pen.

Girl, won’t you stop your cryin’?/ I know that you’re tryin’/ Everything’s gonna be okay/ Baby girl, don’t you hang your head low/ Don’t you lose your halo/ Everyone’s gonna be okay/ Baby girl…

Maren‘s no stranger to supplying a shoulder to cry on — see also “I Could Use A Love Song,” “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry,” etc. — and she continues to do so in “GIRL,” crafted alongside Sarah Aarons (who co-wrote “The Middle“) and Greg Kurstin. There are plenty of earworm melodies and a colossal chorus, but the best part, obviously, is the message of self-love – something anyone and everyone can get behind. Welcome back, GIRL!

Maren Morris’ new single “GIRL” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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