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Broods Find Their Peace On Dreamy New Single, ‘Everything Goes (Wow)’!

BROODS returned to us with their super chipper “Peach” at the start of August.

Now, the brother-sister duo – made up of Caleb and Georgia Nott – are spilling the deets about their anticipated third studio album – the first on their new label (Neon Gold / Atlantic). It’s called Don’t Feed The Pop Monster, the psychedelic artwork above is the official cover art, and it comes out on February 1, 2019.

“We can’t wait to share this album with our fans and the world. We wanted to make songs that are true to us and without hiding behind any kind of façade.” Georgia said in a statement, “We made a point of just completely trusting ourselves and each other and we’re so ready for everyone to hear the album.”

The news comes accompanied with the release of their second single: “Everything Goes (Wow),” a crunchy electro-pop number aided by dreamy synths, crashing drums, plenty of earworm hooks (“Baby wow, wow, wow“) and a colossal chorus. Nott explains it was written during a Neon Gold writing camp. “We wrote ‘Everything Goes (Wow)‘ in a tree house in Nicaragua. We were there as part of a writing camp and it was one of the best experiences of our careers. It’s about accepting the mortality of everything and finding peace in that.”

It seems like BROODS got their groove back, “Peach” and “Everything Goes (Wow)” already feels like some of their best work. If this is just a taste of what’s to come, we’re surly in for a treat – Listen below!

1. Stevie & Sting
2. Why Do You Believe Me?
3. Peach
4. Falling Apart
5. Everytime You Go I Cry
6. Dust
7. Too Proud
8. To Belong
9. Old Dog
10. Hospitalized
11. Everything Goes (Wow)
12. Life After

BROODS’ latest “Everyting Goes (Wow)” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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