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Russell Elliot Impresses & Beyond On New EP, ‘Split Ends’!

At the beginning of March (when I thought Spring was here), I finally got around to writing up a post about Russell Elliot, a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter who, just for the sake of a brief re-introduction, has been included on at least a two of my Queer Necessities playlists for Billboard Pride in past months. Russell also sounds like he was born in the wrong era; he was meant for the past but somehow he’s here now to share his magic with us.

As a result, it’s no surprise that Russell’s second EP, Split Ends, is an impressive start-to-finish experience soaked in undeniable powerhouse, soulful vocals. Throughout Split Ends‘ six tracks, Russell lays bare the kind of vulnerability most often whispered in private. He’s penned sincere songs about love (“Stay… Be“), heartbreak (“River Stones“), self-esteem (“Yummy“), betrayal (“I’ll Be Dammed“), and unapologetically owns his queerness in the process.

His soulful vocals are compelling and instantly recognizable as his, paired with genre-blurring production that uses both subtle R&B samples and original, stirring theatrics. Russell’s got all the goods and he’s laying down the right foundation. But enough with the chit chat: Get lost with Russell below!

Russell Elliot’s brand new Split Ends – EP is also available on Apple Music now!

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