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Song of the Week: ROZES X Nicky Romero ‘Where Would We Be’

ROZES is finally ready to get things on and poppin’ in 2018!

Following a consistent string of solid single and collaboration releases last year, the talented Philadelphia-bred singer-songwriter is back with yet another fierce collaboration: “Where Would We Be” with Nicky Romero, this week’s Song of the Week!

Together, ROZES and Nicky have created an instant chart-topper that inserts infectious synths embedded with funk elements and modern electo-pop vocal editing subtly into a bed of future based oozing with Flume and Zedd-esque hits of percussion.

“Everyone has their ‘what if’s’ and ‘I wonder what would’ve happened’s’ when reminiscing on past relationships, so I wanted to roll all my questions into one song,” ROZES said in a statement. “You wonder if they ever got it together and where your lives would be if you were still together. But I get pulled back to reality because I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. But sometimes, you still wonder.”

ROZES X Nicky Romero’s “Where Would We Be” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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