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TLC Bring It ‘Way Back’ On Their Snoop Dogg-Assisted Comeback Single!

It’s been a long long time comin, indeed: TLC is back, officially!

After announcing plans for their Kickstarter-funded fifth and final album – which is set to drop on June 30, according to the group’s manager Bill Diggins – the (now) duo make their grand return with lead single “Way Back,” a smooth, ’90’s R&B-feeling collaboration with their longtime pal Snoop Dogg.

T-Boz kicks things off on the breezy, mid-tempo jam with a statement that can work for their whole revival in general: “It’s been a long, long time comin’/ Ain’t seen you around/ Time keeps on passin’/ But you still my bitch/ Can’t tell us nothin’/ And it’s nothin’ but a thing, to pick up where we left off,” she croons with her signature, smooth ease.

Later on the chorus, Chilli adds some more throwback vibes by calling out some legends: “Like Prince and Marvin Gaye/ Like South side on Sunday/ Some things don’t ever change/ Yeah, you and me/ Cause we go way back,” they chant on-top of the bouncy, shimmering production. “James Brown and Michael J/ Like them high school parties/ Some things don’t ever change/ Yeah, you and me/ We go way back.”

Snoop‘s brief verse adds some cool and sunny, west coast flare, making “Way Back” a total win (in my ears). This just feels effortlessly right, no?

And yeah… while I hardly doubt the mainstream public will care for TLC‘s return, I for one am quite satisfied to have these two ladies back in the game. It sounds nostalgic and fresh all at once – it’s future classic. Welcome back, girls!

TLC’s new single “Way Back” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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