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Becky G Falls Deep In Lust On Her Latest Latin Pop Banger, ‘Todo Cambió’!

As previously mentioned, multi-talented pint-sized diva Becky G is quietly becoming the ultimate Latin Pop Princess!

After serving up two very solid Spanish outings with last year’s “Sola” and “Mangú,” our brand new yellow Power Ranger is ready to keep things moving with yet another infectious slice of Latin dance-pop: “Todo Cambió” (aka “Everything Changed“)!

Whereas “Sola” saw her claiming her independence and “Mangú” saw her getting loose on the dancefloor, “Todo Cambió” sees Becky being taken off guard by a hot new flame worthy of her love. “Tocó mi cuerpo y en ese momento/ Todo, todo cambió/ Detuvo el tiempo con solo un beso/ Y todo, todo cambió/ En un segundo y fue diferente/ A como solía ser/ Tocó mi cuerpo y en ese momento/ Todo, todo cambió,” she confesses over the hypnotic, rhythmic pulsations.

Again, even if you have no idea what she’s saying, you’ll still be able to dance along to this (hard). She’s three for three at this point, this Spanish album is going to be LIT – LOVE! LOVE!

Becky G’s new Spanish single “Todo Cambió” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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