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‘Body 2 Body’: Dragonette Serve Up Another Wonderful Slice Of ‘Royal Blues’!

In case you weren’t already aware, Dragonette – aka Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz and Joel Stouffer – are set to release their fourth studio album Royal Blues next month (November 11)!

So far, we’ve had the great pleasure of hearing three songs from the collection – “Let The Night Fall,” “Lonely Heart” and the Dada-produced “Sweet Poison” – and they all happen to be fantastic – Seriously, get caught up!

This week, the talented trio have thrown “Body 2 Body” into the mix as Royal Blues latest pre-order grat track. And much like its predecessors, “Body 2 Body” is another hook-heavy number that infuses infectious ’80’s-esque synthesizers and bubbly electronica, while Martina gets all conflicted about her on-again-off-again love affair: “Now you’ve got me started/ And I’m on you again/ I’m thinking ’bout your body/ And what you do with your hands/ And if we’re gonna fight it/ Then can we have one last round/ And if its not forever/ Well then its just for right now.”

“That song is one of many on this album that is a true representation of what Dan and I were going through. Historically, I’ve never been that prolific in the fiction department, and this album is no exception,” Martina told Nylon. “There’s a beauty in the pain of the struggle and vicious cycle that the lyrics touch on. We wanted to show, very simply, the beauty and the pain of that struggle.”

You can always count on Dragonette to serve us a wonderful slice of pop perfection, and “Body 2 Body” is exactly that – WIN!

Pre-order Dragonette’s fourth studio album Royal Blues on iTunes now!

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