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Erik Hassle Samples Aaliyah On New Single, ‘If Your Man Only Knew’!

Erik Hassle–perhaps better known around these parts as Swedish Ginger God-has been consistently supplying us with superb pop productions for quite some time now. Just last year, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter gave us the beautifully devastating “Smaller,” the utterly killer “Natural Born Lovers” and the oh-so-joyous “No Words,” one of the Best Singles of 2015.

This week, Erik finally returns to us with his very first 2016 output: “If Your Man Only Knew“! And luckily, nothing’s really changed — he’s still giving me everything I want out of a male pop star. “If Your Man Only Knew,” which samples legend Aaliyah‘s 1996 single “If Your Girl Only Knew,” is a big and bold, stomping electro-pop gem all about your ex still being in love with you while they’re indulging into something new.

“If your man only knew/ how you’re feelin’/ I see right through you/ If your man only knew/ that you still love me, I know you love me,” he cries out over the propulsive drum pulse. Yupp, Erik‘s latest is completely and utterly Jon ALi Approved (as per usual). Can we get this new album now?!?!

“If Your Man Only Knew,” the latest single from Erik Hassle is available on iTunes / Apple Music now!

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