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Sam Sparro Returns with Summery Dancefloor Filler ‘Hands Up’!

Sam Sparro is back, and nothing has changed – he’s still fucking fantastic!

The forward-thinking Australian singer-songwriter-producer, who provided one of the better electronic records of 2012 with Return to Paradise, has returned at last after a few one-off releases over the years with “Hands Up,” the lead single from the upcoming second installment of his Quantum Physical EP series, called Quantum Physical: Volume 2. (Obviously)

“Got so caught up in the world seems like it’s never gonna change at all, oh no/ I just gotta throw up my hands/ Somethings I’m never gonna understand, oh no,” Sam ponders atop a classic four-to-the-floor pulse, squeezing in quite nicely with the throwback vibrations being provided by Disclosure and other UK-based house creators in 2015. (Then again, Sam has been bringing that sort of sound since his early days #Innovator) With its bright piano chords and catchy chants (“no, no, no, life is never gonna change”), “Hands Up” suggests that the new music will be yet another successful outing on the dance floor for this talented Aussie. BRING IT!

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