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Rob Thomas Makes Solo Return with Ryan Tedder-Penned Jam ‘Trust You’!

Rob Thomas is back! Yes, the voice behind Matchbox Twenty and Santana‘s triple-platinum hit “Smooth” is ready for his solo return.

It’s been six long years since Rob last dropped some musical medicine with his solo effort Cradlesong, but the “Lonely No More” crooner is back just in time to serve up some fresh summer tunage in the form of “Trust You,” the lead single from his upcoming third studio LP The Great Unknown.

The irresistible bouncy jam, produced and co-written by Ryan Tedder, takes what we’ve come to expect from the pop/rock veteran and kicks it up a notch with a smooth and sophisticated 2015 sheen. “When you say “hey, come on” / I know I really, really want to/ I trust you/ When I stay, I know I really ought to go but then I trust you, I trust you,” he sings. ” When you say “hey, come on” /I know I will because I trust you, I trust you.” It’s upbeat, catchy, and current so I see no reason why it shouldn’t be another win for him. Welcome back daddy!

“Everyone I know, even the most put-together people, have that one person that calls them up and that no matter what, they know that the night is going to end with a bunch of bad decisions,” Rob told EW about the song. “They have one person who has all this power over them—everybody has that friend. So this is about that one friend that you have, that no matter how steady you think you are in life, when they call you you’re going to say yes and things are going to go horribly wrong in a really fun way.”

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