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Nate Ruess Debuts Chaotic ‘Grand Romantic’ Opening Number, ‘AhHa’!

Following the release of his first solo single “Nothing Without Love,” which continues to climb up radio, Fun. frontman Nate Ruess debuts his latest offering titled “AhHa,” the opening track off his upcoming debut solo album Grand Romantic (out June 16th).

The song initially plays out like a chaotic mess. It’s bizarre mixture of vocal chants, unexpected sonic shifts, and aggressive marching-drum beat is a lot to take in at once, but somehow, it all makes sense together once you realize what he’s actually singing about. “Mama don’t cry / I was once your little baby boy so full of love and light / By the time I turned 25 I was lost among the pavement lower than the basement / And I couldn’t stand and smile, I thought of taking my own life,” Nate wildly cries. “But mama don’t cry / I found songs among the tragic / Hung my hat on sadness / Mom, I think they’re trying to keep the grand romantic in me / Now that we got bottom lines / But mom, I think I’m ready to free this grand romantic in me.”

Truly a beautiful story about music being your saving grace, I think anyone can relate to that. LOVE!

BUY Nate Ruess’ latest single “AhHa” from his debut album Grand Romantic on iTunes now!

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