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Jon ALi Chats with Zara Larsson in NYC – Watch The Interview Here!

After years of conquering the charts in Sweden, my favorite little diva to emerge from Scandinavia, Zara Larsson, finally made her U.S mark this year with the stateside release of her debut EP, Uncover! With the help of Epic Records, Zara now has her sights on global domination and the Uncover EP, her first U.S release, is just the beginning. Last month, I caught up with the 17-year-old songstress in New York City to talk about her future plans, the Rihanna comparisons, and her upcoming full-length debut U.S album. Read bits from the chat and watch my full interview with Zara below! [Photo & Video edited by Amanda “Bergz” Berghorn]

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On her “Bad Boys” music video: I wanted to do a dance music video really bad and its basically my only dance video. I think my biggest inspiration for that video was some of Ciara‘s videos and Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies,” the concepts are just so simple. One outfit, one room. I just wanted to dance.

On her upcoming full-length debut U.S album: We’ve been working in the studio for a long time now. We have a lot of great songs so we’re definitely working on an album, but we’re also looking for that right single. Like “the single,” so it’s really tough. In Sweden we put out so much because we felt like we were just testing things out and having some fun. For every single that we picked out it was literally like we sat down and said “Do we like this song?” Yeah! we like it. Okay, release it tomorrow,” It was that instant. Here in America it’s so much bigger so it takes a little more work. It’s more time, more money, more people involved, it’s this big process so we can’t really say “let’s just put this out there.” You have to be 100% sure, there’s a lot more people to compete with here than in Sweden.

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On the sound: It won’t be a drastic change so if you liked the first EP, then you’re gonna like the album. You never know though, I think that a good song is a good song. I’m not one hundred percent R&B or super pop or I only do rock or I only do this. It’s like Rihanna, I feel like she is everywhere and she does it so good. She can really get away with anything because a good song is a good song. I’d like to be like that.

On her voice similarities to Rihanna: Really? I don’t think so. I mean obviously I take it as a compliment because she’s awesome, but I think it just might be the way we pronounce things. I don’t know. I’m like the whitest chick from Sweden ever and she’s like this fierce island gal, you know? She’s awesome, I love her.

BUY Zara Larsson’s debut U.S. EP Uncover on iTunes NOW!

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