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Madonna: ‘Rebel Heart’ Album Giveaway!

Last week marked the official release of Rebel Heart, the brand-new studio album from global superstar Madonna! The 19-track, lyrically-driven, electric pop album is as ambitious as it is personal. From start to finish, the album creates a great picture of where Madonna‘s career has been and where it is now. There’s a certain maturity in her vision that we haven’t seen in recent efforts MDNA and Hard Candy; thematically, Rebel Heart feels like a return to form. What really keeps the record feeling cohesive is the lyrical content; Songs like “Ghosttown,” “Devil Pray,” “Joan Of Arc,” and even “Living For Love” (the Heart side) come off surprisingly relatable from someone who truly has experienced a whole lot. She might be an “Unapologetic Bitch,” but she’s human just like us. Of course, this is Madonna, so there’s still plenty of provocative fun to be had throughout with songs like “Holy Water” “Body Shop,” and “S.E.X.” (the Rebel side). It is by no means perfect with all of its sonic variations, but Rebel Heart is undeniably one of Madonna‘s finest moments. In celebration of the release we’re giving away 2 copies of the album – Find out how to enter below!

BUY Madonna’s thirteenth studio album Rebel Heart on iTunes NOW!

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