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Betty Who: ‘Slow Dancing’ EP Full Stream + Giveaway!

Today marks the official release of Slow Dancing, the brand-new EP from rising Australian singer-songwriter Betty Who! After making waves in the blogosphere with her stellar debut EP, The Movement, last year, Betty signed a deal with RCA Records and has been prepping the release of her first full-length album and follow up to last year’s EP with 5 more fantastic pop gems on Slow Dancing. Featuring lead single “Heartbreak Dream,” the set is packed with lush and giddy numbers filled with dreamy electronica, addictive hooks, and glorious production from Peter Thomas. Together they serve as a superb reintroduction for the now signed songstress who is well on her way to pop stardom. In celebration of the release we are giving away 5 copies of the Slow Dancing EP. Find out how to enter below – Good luck!

How To Enter: (U.S Only!!)
Leave a comment below with your full name, email address, and favorite song from the album.
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BUY Betty Who’s brand new Slow Dancing EP on iTunes NOW!

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  • Michael Chavez

    LOVE IT. I’ve been waiting for more from her and this EP just makes me wannt even more! Can’t wait for a Full Debut :))

    Lovin’ Start is now one of my new jams! and All Alone is a close second. The whole EP tho is great, loving that elements of the 90’s are coming back!!

    I want MORE! :))

  • GM

    Oh my yeezus, she looks so good in that top pic you posted!!

    I love the EP so much! At first I was scared it wasn’t going to live up to the perfection of her first EP, but thankfully she released an equally mesmerizing collection of songs. Her music is like luscious throwback 80s/90s synth-pop with a contemporary flare; no one else is in her lane.

    Giving Me Away was probably my favorite (although Lovin’ Start & Alone Again are close contenders). It’s basically pop perfection.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Greg Morgan

  • Isaiah

    I am absolutely in love with Betty Who. Alone Again & Lovin’ Start are my jams from this EP. I have already outplayed Heartbreak Dream when it was released. I’m sure the other two tracks (Giving Me Away & Silas) will grow on me. It’s her voice and infectious pop melodies that pull me in. I really do hope she becomes something BIG.

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