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Aiden Grimshaw: ‘Satisfy Me’ Single Premiere!

Following the premiere of “The Way We Are” in August, Aiden Grimshaw has decided to go for a drastic and fierce new change. The 21-year-old X Factor UK alum is saying farewell to his surname and going by just Aiden to complete his fresh new look for his upcoming self-titled EP, due out on November 26. Produced alongside Dimitri Tikovoi, “Satisfy Me,” the latest track from the EP, is an electrifying and twisted electro-pop number packed with a hot industrial beat and a surprisingly fitting rap from Thaddaeus Tribbett. The track is much darker and complex than its predecessor “The Way We Are,” but it makes complete sense considering Aiden‘s shift in image. I’m a sucker for dark-pop and Aiden has the perfect voice to pull it off – it sounds phenomenal. BRING ON THE EP! What do you guys think?


  • CG Girl

    Thanks for introducing me to this artist. I never heard of him until now, I love it! Very dark, alluring, sultry and pulsating!!!! I am so enamored with him now. I cannot wait to hear more for him, he has a bright future ahead of him. <3

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