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Rihanna: ‘Pour It Up’ Video Premiere!

Finally!! Rihanna has just unleashed the long-awaited music video for her strip club anthem “Pour It Up“! The track is featured on her seventh studio album Unapologetic, which is available in stores now. Strip clubs and dollar bills, the 25-year-old singer not only twerks and stars on screen in a diamond-encrusted bra, but she also played co-director for the clip for which she enlisted some famous exotic dancers including Nicole “The Pole” Williams, Candace Cane, and Secret Moneii to show off what they can do. Its scandalous, raunchy, and pretty fucking amazing. I live for this woman. What do you guys think?

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    • Umanyways

      I like Rihanna always she’s been in the game since 2000 but I heave to say this is the least authentic video. She’s hot and it’s raunchy but Rihanna always had that sexy yet mysterious and alot left to the imagination in her videos. Now she let’s it all fall out. What I do like about it she does wanna show that Miley is not the only artist that can twerk. So she wanted to show that too plus appealing to the crazy outrageous out of control youth and hard partying club scene plus it’s not like she’s trying to make it a #1 first single off album so she’s going to have fun in one video making it appeal to all those demographics. Nothing innovative just showing she can get down and dirty like the girls younger than her and to show she’s not boring and overrated. Believe it or not in today’s pop culture this is totally normal. Btw she defied gravity in this upside down twerking and the twerking on water is genius!

  • Tre

    OMG!! LOL WTF. I love this video it was fun to watch and full of energy. It was definitely worth the wait.I loved watching Riri do her thing!!So much SWAGGGGGG!

  • kim

    I hope this video doesn’t upset james! ” how much respect you have for yourself as a woman. I feel sorry for you. Women like you, give real women a bad name. With that statement you come across as a women, well a girl who loves a man to disrespect you, use you, maybe even pay you,” Taken from a previous comment about Miley. This Video must have his panties all up in a bunch!
    BTW Hot Video!

    • James

      Kim, I say this with all respect, the whole “This video must have his panties all up in a bunch!”, that was a homophobic statement!

      And for someone like you to have remembered my words, comes across as a stalker. Have more respect for yourself, seems like someone is thirsty!

      And for the video, I enjoyed the music video. Rihanna is a grown woman, who has been though dark times and have grown into herself, unlike Miley Cyrus, she is a young adult, not grown.

      Rihanna is barbadian. Miley is not. If you know anything about that culture then you would understand.

      Women like you Kim, is what is wrong with women, I feel sorry for you and for the people in your life. For a woman to stalk what others say, shows the lack of maturity and respect for your childish acts.

      I have respect for women, but not girls like you!

  • Daniel

    I love RiRi like no other .. but this is completely uncalled for. There is sexy, and chic, this is just trashy and gross. No visual work, I mean yes the song is sexy but not for a video like this. Rihanna is amazingly talented she doesn’t need videos like this @ all!!

  • Lucas

    The song is about “strip clubs and dollar bills.” The video depicts exactly what’s in the song. What more could people want? This isn’t a Scorcese film. Just enjoy the video for what it is, folks.

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