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The Saturdays: ‘Gentleman’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of The Saturdays latest video for “Gentleman“! The track serves as the second official single off their upcoming fourth studio album, set to be released in the UK this Summer. The clip sees all five girls playing very ‘stepford wives’ type of women doing garden chores in a very Desperate Housewives setting. The group also dress up as males to play their male counterpart. I don’t think the video was executed perfectly but I kind of liked the tongue and cheekiness of it all. What do you guys think?

The Saturdays will release their new single in the UK on June 30th!


  • Idolized101

    They got me chasing these Saturdays! I love this song! So catchy! Pop perfection! Sad they didn’t catch in the USA. But I loved them before the states. I think I love every girl in this group!

  • bLaine kelley

    Have they officially given up on cracking the states?
    how did their E! series do in the US? …I certainly don’t think it motivated any sales of their material here…though let’s be honest, who really thought these basic chicks stood a chance with their generic ass material?

  • Brooklyn Grey

    What do you mean didn’t catch in the USA? Their show was one of the highest rated cable reality series on E! and last I checked they had seen a significant bump in sales. As for the “generic ass” sound your speaking off, is it anymore generic and repetitive as Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, or Nicki Minaj? seriously… Our stuff here in the states isn’t any better. No tea, all shade!

  • Brooklyn Grey

    As for the video, I like it and I see what Jon means about it not being perfect but, that’s where I think the camp comes from in it.

  • jO

    Is it their best song? No.
    But I still like it, its playful.
    The video is playful too, something you don’t need to take so seriously.
    @Blaine Kelly: I’d like to see you do better 😉

  • bLaine kelley

    @Brooklyn Grey,

    I’d be genuinely curious about the bump in sales you mentioned (no sarcasm).
    However, i’m going to assume going from zero sales in the US to maybe two thousand is the kinda bump you mean. (please do correct me if i’m wrong tho)
    …and not be an asshole, but seeing as the goal of their series was to get people into their brand/music i’d believe it’s fair to say they flopped.

    I mean, did they crack any charts here stateside? how many units did they move? I’m pretty sure that ep and the single went absolutely nowhere.

    and did i tout any of the artist you listed as “non generic”? LoL. I wasn’t trying to make a States VS UK comment. Nor would i waste my time defending those Canadians as non generic, LoL.

    Closing point: if they even succeeded on the reality tv front wouldn’t they commission a second season of the series?
    no shade; ALL FACTS.

    and as for @Jo,
    find a way to turn me into 5 british women with the opportunity they have and i will =P
    …just make sure you can change me back after I slay and leave these hoes dead N bald, LoL.

  • jO

    @ Blaine Kelly, if you want your arguments to be taken seriously, you should probably avoid using disrespectful language like hoes

  • Swing-a-ling

    @ Blaine Kelley is absolutely right, the show did nothing for them here in US, and as far as i know all plans on releasing music in US is cancelled…this new material is strictly for UK. I might add that this new single sucks and yes it does sound like an old leftover from Girls Aloud, my guess is that it probably wont chart in the top 10 .

  • Anna

    The ratings for Chasing the Saturdays were actually awful. E! screwed them over by switching nights and not advertising it.
    This song is alright, it’s no notorious or all fired up, but I wish them luck.

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