Jon ALi

Founded: July 26th, 2006

Bringing you the latest Music and Entertainment from the US & UK.

Jon ALi, was born and raised in New Jersey with his loving parents, his younger sister and brother. He first founded JonALi’sBlog back in July of 2006. What once started as a hobby has turned into a full-on music entertainment website. He’s interviewed some of the best pop acts around such as Lady Gaga, Robyn, The All-American Rejects, JoJo, and most recently Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Zendaya, Karmin, and G.R.L. Apart from JonALi’sBlog, he now contributes regularly to and is slowly taking over nightlife in New York City as a DJ. His pet chihuahua CoCo Chanel is quite proud of him.

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