Best of 2021

Press Play: Jon Ali’s Best of 2021

Hello, it’s me (again).

Earlier this week, I worked my way through my favorite releases from LGBTQ+ artists with Queer Necessities: Best of 2021 – and now, it’s time for the finale: Press Play, Best of 2021.

In case you’re new around these parts, Press Play is my playlist that I’ve been launching every month all year long – aka your opportunity to hear all of the songs I’ve been buzzin’ about in one handy and convenient place.

Press Play: Best of 2021 is essentially a greatest hits compilation of my favorite songs of the year in no real particular ranking. Song lists, specifically, are always a pain in my booty because it’s a bit ridiculous to rank songs that I genuinely love from an entire year.

The truth is: I think all these songs are great and are all deserving of some spotlight. I’ve enjoyed them all throughout the year for all varying different reasons so there is no real ranking here. Song placements on this playlist are solely based for continuity purposes, it’s meant to be a start-to-finish listening experience and that’s how I always intend it to be.

Why 165 songs? 200 is too much and I couldn’t stop at 100 and landed there. IDK. Just accept it.
ANYWAY!!! Without further ado, here are (just some of) my favorite songs of 2021. You would have already heard every single one of these songs if you were subscribed to Press Play at some point. You’re welcome. HAPPY NEW YEAR BABES!

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