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Courtney Stodden Is Ready To Bring The ‘Pleasure’ [Cover Art Reveal]!

At last! It’s time for a little “Pleasure” from Courtney Stodden.

You’re probably thinking that Courtney Stodden‘s name sounds familiar, and rightfully so: The media personality-turned-model-turned-pop-diva-in-the-making made headlines in 2011 for marrying ex-husband Doug Hutchison at 16 years old when he was 50. You also might have caught her on shows like Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother, Reality Ex-Wives, The Mother/Daughter Experiment and Celebs Go Dating.

For now, though, the non-binary star is setting their sights on a much different medium than we’re used to seeing them: The music industry.

That’s right. After dipping their toes into the popsphere with a variety of releases throughout the years, Courtney is finally ready to take full charge with her brand new single titled “Pleasure” – and judging by the super glam cover art, which exclusively drops here on Jon Ali, she means business.

I mean, check out that neon pink power suit! Courtney isn’t here to just play around.

“The cover photo was shot by Deathcats, who I’ve been a big fan of for awhile – she’s phenomenal!,” Courtney told Jon Ali in a statement. “I wanted to serve big power energy because of my experience with Hollywood, and especially with men. I’ve become somebody better because of those experiences so moving forward I want to showcase who I really am beyond that and the medias perception of me. I’m taking the power back and rewriting the narrative.”

“This new music I have coming has been an amazing outlet for me to channel that energy the way I want and to tell my story my way,” Courtney added.”Just because I’m blonde and wear lipstick doesn’t mean I can’t wear the pants too. That is what I wanted to reflect with the cover art and the music video for ‘Pleasure.’ I’m much more than what people see.”

As one can plainly see, Courtney is looking (drop dead) beautiful and giving all sorts of high pop art glam with the chic power suit and a hypnotizing telephone wrapped around her neck. “I didn’t want some cover that was just another sexy photo,” Courtney told Jon Ali. “With the title of the song being ‘Pleasure,’ I wanted us to tell more of a story with the photo. Everyone can relate to being attached to their phones and using it as their main source of communication, and often, that source of ‘Pleasure.'”

It’s hitting all the right buttons, if you will. Get into all this “Pleasure” with Courtney now!

“Pleasure” is available to stream everywhere here!

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