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Boy Untitled Confronts Heartbreak with ‘Losing Time’

It’s time to get a little lost with Boy Untitled.

For those unfamiliar: Mark Tennyson, better known by his stage name Boy Untitled, began his musical journey in the LA queer-art scene in 2018 as a singer, producer and creator. Now, his following includes a community of fans, thousands of worldwide streams and a family that supports the movement. His early sonic outputs like “Skin” and “Sacrifice” are intoxicatingly lush, human and genre-bending. His trademark sound is authentic, no-boundaries pop.

After supplying us with the GESS-assisted “Imposter” and “Lionsgate” earlier this year, Boy Untitled is pushing forward with his latest “Losing Time,” the third single from his upcoming project, ZENITH.

Like “Imposter” and “Lionsgate” before it, sonically, “Losing Time” takes us on a mystical and ethereal soundscape with a dance-infused edge. Thematically, however, “Losing Time” confronts a theme of heartbreak and the uncertainness one can feel in a relationship: the rough patches, the isolation, the unspoken, trust and more.

“We struggle. A lot. Losing ourselves inside the relationship has been a real struggle during quarantine. The pillars that we built it on – trust, individuality, freedom of self expression, sexual openness – have all taken on a new meaning as the truth of those values have become confined to four walls,” Boy Untitled said in a statement. “With ‘Losing Time’ I wanted to be 100% honest about the struggle. I want people to talk about these problems more, because I know how painful it can be to be stuck inside of the “loop” and feeling like I can’t talk about it with anyone. Feeling isolated and alone inside of a relationship is a special kind of pain. Incessant and unforgiving self-reflection, conversations and arguments that have been had a million times, both partners feeling incapable of breaking the cycle – it all made me feel crazy. It brought my marriage to the brink. Slowly beating underneath all of this pain, was this fear and sadness that we are losing time.”

I think anyone who has managed to stay in a relationship throughout the madness that was 2020 alone can relate to the story being told in this dark and healing dance-pop trance.

Boy Untitled is three for three at this point. Let’s keep it going!

Boy Untitled’s new single “Losing Time” is available on all streaming services now!

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