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‘1:00AM’: Foxgluvv Turns Insomnia Into Pop Extravagance!

Can’t sleep? Neither can Foxgluvv… and for good reason. The unapologetically queer DIY pop starlet has been keeping busy cooking up some new material.

It’s been a long time coming, to say the least: It’s been almost an entire year since the release of her last single “Don’t Text Back,” but thankfully, Foxgluvv fiercely returns with a dreamy disco-pop number called “1:00am” – a shimmering soundtrack for your late night bedroom party-for-one.

The track, co-crafted alongside her long-term collaborator Scott Colcombe, finds Foxgluvv taking her brand of ’80s inspired lo-fi pop to a new level, kicking things up a notch with a cheeky dance-driven production, oozing with camp and extravagance.

“‘1:00am‘ is for when you’ve had a shitty day, your head hits the pillow and your mind is AWAKE,” Foxgluvv told Jon Ali. “Honestly, there is nothing worse than an anxiety-ridden night of ‘sleep’, and I’d been having a LOT of stress dreams around the time of writing. The repetitive chorus lyrics mirror intrusive thoughts keeping me awake, and the disco-inspired four-on-the-floor kick drum narrates that well known feeling of restlessness and frustration that comes along with an uneasy sleep. Honestly, I think ‘1:00am’ came out of pure desperation for a good snooze. (I’m still waiting, lol)”

This is purely a hazy and infectious bedroom banga by our new self-proclaimed Queen Of Insomnia. And, as a person who has trouble sleeping regularly, I find it quite comforting to think that someone like Foxgluvv is wide awake with restless thoughts, just like me.

Foxgluvv’s new single “1:00AM” is available on all streaming services now!

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