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‘4 On The Floor’: Zee Machine Finds His Footing Again With Another Gem!

BOOM! Zee Machine‘s done it again.

The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been on a roll over the last year, having supplied us with the utterly killer “Stealing Candy,” the empowering anthem “Honeydew” and “Better Off,” his heavenly duet with Atrel. But why stop there?

Today (February 17), Zee Machine is back with his first new 2021 single: “4 On The Floor

The sun-kissed guitar-driven gem finds the talented crooner trying to find his footing again after loosing sight of what he was living for to begin with.

“‘4 On The Floor‘ literally began as a joke to myself where I said ‘I’m gonna write a song called ‘4 On The Floor’ and then have it be in a 12/8 time signature’ just to make my musician friends chuckle, but the more I worked on it the more seriously I took it,” Zee told Jon Ali in a statement. “A lot of my early tunes were about my time in recovery, but I had actually taken a step back from sobriety for a while before I wrote this. This ended up being about the mental turmoil of forgetting what the hell I’m living for and the surrender of deciding to return to living clean.”

Oh my god it’s hitting me like a rocket/ Don’t recall what gravity was for/ Last to arrive but the first one to be running out the door/ Forgetting just what I was looking for on the floor…

It’s a genuinely emotional, organic and personal moment (you know, like a true singer-songwriter’s song should sound), and yet one of Zee‘s most melodic yet. A truly impressive balancing act in song form!

With each track, Zee‘s only continuing to add more depth and dimension to his steadily growing catalog.

What else we can expect from him this year? Zee says: “I had originally planned on putting all of these songs out onto a sophomore EP but with COVID making recording a lot more difficult and the fact that each of these songs were telling very different stories with very different sounds, an EP would have felt scattered. I like these last songs as a standalone statement – but the shit that I’ve got in the works right now… I’m definitely am seeing a cohesive collection of tunes coming together that are some of the most exciting things I’ve created. Buckle up, hoes.”

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