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‘Leave It’: Andrea Di Giovanni’s Necessary Dancefloor Escape!

Andrea Di Giovanni is back at it again.

Just in case you missed it: They’re the promising London-based talent responsible for supplying us with the upflifiting and much-needed “Stand Up” back in June. You know… when the world felt like it was ending.

Since then, Andrea‘s been slowing rolling out the singles for their upcoming debut album REBEL, which is due out early next year. Following the release of “Miracle” with GESS and “Another Story,” Andrea has decided to move forward with “Leave It,” an uplifting slice of dance-pop that urges you to let go of any feelings of self-doubts and insecurity.

Leave it all on the dance floor (and feel alive)/ All your problems out the door (it’s time to rise)…,” Andrea chants on the euphoric chours backed by pulsating beats. “Leave it all on the dance floor and feel alive!” In short: It’s liberation for the dance floor!

What was your inspiration behind “Leave It” and what do you hope people take away from it?

I would say Robyn (“Honey”) and her artistry had a huge impact in the making of ‘Leave It’. I wanted to create a carefree atmosphere in which you let go of your anxieties, issues and problems from the past. I hope that people feel happy and relieved once they listen to it and remember that even if clubs are closed, the dance floor of ‘life’ never goes away.

What does “Leave It” say about the rest of what’s coming from your new album REBEL?

As the last single from the album, “Leave It” completes the sequence of tracks I’ve released so far in 2020. It feels like a natural progression: from heartbreak (“Miracle“) through consciousness (“Another Story“) to achieving freedom from the past with this song. Without giving away too much, REBEL reflects a deeper, more emotional side of my artistic persona; touching on relationships with others, yourself and the world. It’s a contemporary pop album with various influences such as R&B, Rock and Gospel music.

Andrea Di Giovanni’s new single “Leave It” is available to stream here!

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