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‘Thinking About You’: NIKO Takes A Trip On The Wild Side!

After making his grand return with the undeniably sweet “Try” in August, up-and-coming LA-based talent NIKO‘s already back at it with a slice of slick euro-pop perfectly suited for your #NewMusicFriday.

Unlike the slightly, well, warm and dreamy feel of “Try,” “Thinking About You” is a sensual and shadowy shiver for the dance floor – certainly a bigger pop approach than he’s ventured off to before.

“The song tells the story of someone who is constantly chasing after the next thrill, but in doing that, loses the person who really cares for them,” NIKO said in a statement to Jon Ali. “It’s about the emotional dynamics of not being able to resist your physical instincts, and then having to face the consequences.”

The end result is something dark, dreamy and tenderly crafted, like something crafted for Ibiza, NYC and Berlin that feels like its paying homage to those early ’90’s/early ’00’s tranced-out bliss pop days.

NIKO keeps stepping up his game with every release. Is there no end to this? I sure hope not.

NIKO’s latest single “Thinking About You” is available to stream everywhere here!

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