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Miley Cyrus & Dua Lipa Make Pop Magic With ‘Prisoner’!

Miley Cyrus, the current Princess of Pop Rock, and Dua Lipa, the current Princess of Dance Pop, have united in song to bless us with “Prisoner,” the much-teased follow-up to “Midnight Sky,” the lead single – and one of 2020’s very best (don’t fight me on it) – from Miley‘s upcoming record, Plastic Hearts, due out next week on November 27.

The collaboration has been in the making for some time now: The two superstars first joined forces on “L.A. Money,” a song that never saw the light on their end but instead landed on the debut album from ALMA, Where Have You Seen Her? – she is listed as the main songwriter after all alongside hit-making King Justin Tranter and Queen Sarah Hudson, who is also in part responsible for penning “Physical” off Dua’s Future Nostoglia. “L.A. Money” didn’t quite work out for them. They had bigger hopes for their team-up, naturally…

“I liked that it wasn’t the first song we’d cut together. We actually cut other songs. She wanted to keep going until it was right, until we found the one that honors our individuality… there was none of the machine in it,” Miley said in a statement about “Prisoner“. “We’ve recorded other songs together. We just waited until we felt like, ‘Now this is a Dua and Miley song. Everything about it reflects us.”

The Monsters & Strangerz and Andrew Watt-produced, positively liberating collaboration finds the two pop superstars tag-teaming while riding across a disco-pop strut that supplies familiar sonics and melodies to Olivia Newton-John‘s staple classic “Physical.”

Prisoner, prisoner, locked up/ Can’t get you off my mind, off my mind/ Lord knows I tried a million times, million times, oh-woah/ Why can’t you, why can’t you just let me go?,” the two confess across the immediate ear-worm that plays like a blend of their most recent hits, “Midnight Sky” and “Break My Heart,” as the pop princesses effortlessly trade verses on the hook.

“In a way, we have a lot of things in common… I also love that she’s very direct. We edited this video on text message, me and her directly as artists. I just don’t want to play telephone when I’m making music. I want to make it with who I’m making with. I don’tt want to do a song with someone’s manager,” Miley continued in her statement about the song. “I want to do a song with the artist. Her allowing me to have that direct line of communication, and then also the ability to just trust each other. Both of us, I think our egos are pretty in check. She’s very willing and I’m very willing.”

The song glitters with a fresh kind of Future Nostalgia pop-rock sheen while still relishing in some modern 21st century production. The pairing is, quite simply, a no-brainer.

I have no doubts. 2020 is the year of Dua Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus & Dua Lipa’s new single “Prisoner” is available on all streaming platforms now!

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