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‘Where To Find Me’: ETHAN, A Pop Prince More Than Willing To Cross The Line

Let me introduce you to ETHAN.

The 22-year-old-singer, songwriter and producer is originally from Auckland, New Zealand, but now calls Sydney, Australia his home. If you’re a fan of my Queer Necessities playlist, you’ve may have already come across the talented dreamboat because of his seductive 2020 single “‘Til Morning,” as well as “LUVDREAM,” included on his most recent mixtape, how to behave intimately.

He makes smooth and sensual, propulsive pop armed with sweet melodies, stomping beats, atmospheric textures and R&B undercurrents, seated somewhere at the table alongside JoJo, Pia Mia, Travis Garland, Nikki Flores and Marc E. Bassy. You know, somewhere right alongside those faves of mine.

That being said, I’ve yet to get a proper write up on ETHAN until just now with “Where to Find Me,” his brand new single produced by himself using a QWERTY keyboard while he was in lockdown with his family in Auckland.

The funky, ’80’s-referencing synth-pop tune is filled with nostalgic synths and some killer guitar-drum action, and has apparently traveled much of the world already: “I produced this track initially all alone on my MacBook Air during lockdown (isolation) in Auckland back in April. I had no instruments to produce with except my acoustic piano which couldn’t be plugged into my laptop so I wrote on there and then transferred ideas using the QWERTY keyboard, mapped out drums and the synths and guitar hook,” ETHAN told Jon Ali in a statement. “I then called on my friend Bethany Cook who is a super gifted singer-songwriter to help me write and she came up with this infectious hook and pre-chorus which we built on together. I then enlisted Stephan Stanzione who is a NYC based drum legend to play the live drums, and my mate Harry Wall in Brisbane, Australia to nail the soaring guitar riffs.”

If you want to get a little crazy, you know where to find me…,” ETHAN seduces on the stomping chorus. The song is all about simmering, unaddressed sexual tension between friends.

“I wanted the song to feel urgent, and consistently heading towards climax to represent the tension (sexual or romantic, depends which way you look at it) which the song details,” ETHAN continued in his statement. “Lyrically, it’s inspired by a connection you share with somebody who you’re meant to be platonic with – but there’s always that feeling of ‘what if?’ Or that heightened chemistry whenever the opportunity teases itself or arises. This song is like the representation of that moment, those butterflies and intuition you feel that there is desire and you wish so badly for it to escalate but are also apprehensive and scared of what it could mean.”

ETHAN plays it cool throughout, but what he’s essentially saying is that he’s ready to “Ruin The Friendship” à la Demi Lovato. What’s life without a few risks? ETHAN is my kind of guy – Get familiar!

ETHAN’s new single “Where To Find Me” is available to stream on digital platforms here!

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