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Dua Lipa Gifts Us More ‘Future Nostalgia’ With Angèle Collab, ‘Fever’!

That Future Nostalgia reign refuses to let up in 2020…

It’s evidently not enough that Dua Lipa has already provided us with Future Nostalgia, one of the year’s best albums, this year. Or that she’s also given us a remix album and will soon be transporting us to Studio 2054, which promises a night of “music, mayhem, performance, theatre, dance and much more” to be streamed on LIVENow, as part of the American Express UNSTAGED series.

No. Miss Dua said I most give them more!

The 25-year-old pop superstar is slowly but surely providing us with more tunes via a special digital deluxe edition of Future Nostalgia. First up was her DaBaby remix of “Levitating,” and now we’ve got “Fever,” a brand new collaboration with on-the-rise Belgian songstress Angèle, who had a big breakout with her 2108 single “Tout Oublier,” as well as her 2019 #1, “Balance ton quoi,” featured on her debut record Brol. It’s called taste. Heard of it?

The bilingual track, co-written by Miss Julia Michaels and produced by her frequent collaborator Ian Kirkpatrick (“New Rules,” “Don’t Start Now” and “Pretty Please“), is a chic and sensual throb that finds her steering towards a slightly different soundscape than the bulk of Future Nostalgia, playing off more like a toned-down spirit sister to her breakout smash “New Rules” as opposed to her current, heavy disco-inspired bops on FN.

I’ve got a fever, can you check?/ Hand on my forehead, kiss my neck/ And when you touch me, baby, I turn red/ I’ve got a fever, so can you check?,” Dua seduces across the hook.

The collaboration makes total sense in song, as the two trade sweetly crooned melodies across the slick pop production. I don’t ever want you to cool down Miss Dua – A WIN!

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