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On Track with Patrick Church

It’s time for another episode of On Track!

In case you missed the update last month… yes, I’m officially back for a second round of: On Track, my series focused on bringing you intimate sit-down interviews with rising queer talent and fierce allies. New podcast episodes are premiering weekly on Thursdays – Subscribe HERE!

Today (October 22), season two continues with my very first sit-down with a non-musician: Patrick Church!

If you happen to also follow me on Instagram, then you’ve most defiently seen me wear his pieces. Patrick Church is a fashion designer-artist who originates from London and is currently based in NYC. The multimedia artist cultivates unique pieces that reflect his inner thoughts which are candid, captivating, romantic and provocative. His work is inspired by personal experiences that emphasize raw emotion and sexuality, layered with bold colors and thick black lines. Blurring the boundaries between art and fashion, juxtaposing vulnerability with fearlessness; reflective of Patrick‘s own character.

On this episode, I dive into how we originally met, Patrick‘s upbringing, his journey to embracing his artistry, meeting his husband, his brand new Fall/Winter 2020 collections, his plans for the future and so much more.

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