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‘Do It Again’: Elliot Jones Continues To Impress With His Latest Pop Confessional!

Meet talented cutie Elliot Jones.

If you’re a frequent listener of my Queer Necessities playlist, you may have already heard the LA-based talent. Over the past year, his is singles “Emotions,” “I’m In Love” and “Groupie” have all been featured at one point – and they’re all equally impressive in their own right considering he isn’t backed up by some major label.

Do It Again, Elliot‘s first 2020 release, is certainly no exception. It’s a slow-rising pop confessional that pairs sparse, bright beats with cheeky yet personal lyrics – with some metronome-like flairs for good measure.

I let you break my heart/ Well ain’t that the best part/ I’ll do it again…,” he tenderly sings on the hook. “Not over until when it’s done/ Well ain’t that half the fun…

Elliot‘s delivery is breathy and intimate, and the songwriting style feels personal and refreshingly direct and relatable, like a song from a songwriter should.

“‘Do It Again” was written as a really dramatic take on an on-again, off-again relationship, where I really channeled my conflicted feelings about all of it,” Elliot told Jon Ali in a statement.

“When it came to the video, it was definitely a new challenge to think of a concept that we could execute in quarantine that was still original and didn’t look too DIY,” Elliot continued. “The video was shot entirely in quarantine by a 3 person all LGBT cast & crew (directed by Shawn Binder, shot and edited by Evan Adams). When we were brainstorming concepts for the video, I had this idea to present myself as this hopeless romantic turned serial kidnapper character. Someone who has sweet intentions but is also kinda crazy. Visually, Shawn and I drew inspiration from Grindhouse films, Quentin Tarantino and Gaga’s Telephone video; all examples of really dramatic storylines and psycho characters”

If you’re just getting familiar with Elliot, I think “Do It Again” is more to enough to keep your interest stimulated, and certainly proof of his continuously impressive ability to innovate and remain consistent in his sound.

Press Play, and then do it all over again. And again. And again.

Elliot Jones’ new single “Do It Again” is available to stream everywhere here!

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