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Kylie Minogue Casts A Shimmering Pop Spell With New Single, ‘Magic’!

A little pop magic goes a long way these days…

With all of the heaviness that 2020 continues to bring, escapism is essential in maintaining one’s sanity – and who better to help than our beloved Australian goddess Kylie Minogue.

After making her grand return to us in July with her gorgeous and cosmic, uniting anthem “Say Something,” Miss Kylie is back to us Today (September 24) with “Magic,” the opening track and second single from her fifteenth studio album, DISCO, set to be released on November 6th.

The track, crafted alongside Ph.D, the production duo who also helped craft “Get Outta My Way,” Golden‘s “Love,” Kiss Me Once‘s “Sexy Love” and “Million Miles” – is undenibly joyous from the very first play. “Can you feel it?” Yes, I can feel it!

While “Say Something” served as more of a spiritual and emotionally moment, “Magic” instantly serves as that pure pop escapism moment with its infectious and nostalgic disco strut and addictive melodies: “You got me started and nothing on earth can stop it/ It’s crazy, I’m falling/ I don’t know what else to call it/ Boy, do you believe in magic?/ Do you, do you, do you/ Do you believe in magic?,” Kylie declares across the feel-good chorus.

It’s shimmering and bright, just like the very best of Minogue‘s dance-pop catalog. “‘Magic,’ I just adore that song,” Kylie said in a statement. “I think, especially now, you can’t take anything for granted, so to have a release and be reaching people with music and having that connection with people… I’ve always been a bit cosmic about it because it isn’t tangible, but there’s this connection — even more so now.”

This enchanting treat is more than enough to tide us over until we get the full DISCO experience in November – Bring it on Kylie!!

Kylie’s new single “Magic” is available to stream everywhere now!

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