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‘This Summer’: Loren Allred Proves She’s Enough All On Her Own!

It’s time for Loren Allred to shine on her own terms.

You might not instantly recognize Loren‘s name, but you most deff have heard her voice: The rising Brooklyn-based songstress is the powerhouse behind “Never Enough” from the Oscar-nominated, Grammy-award winning motion picture The Greatest Showman. You know, the only song that matters from that soundtrack. Even Queen Kelly Clarkson had to give it a swing!

But now, Loren‘s ready to shine all on her own – and judging by “This Summer,” her just released debut single, she’s got all the goods to have quite the pop career of her very own.

The aching power ballad sees Loren coping with the reality of loss above an atmospheric guitar strum and a gentle electronic pulse — at first: “Last year, same time/ You were laughing with tears in your eyes/ It was still Spring, cold nights/ You’d be warming your hand in mine/ But when seasons change/ Nothing lasts…,” she croons.

“I knew that creating original music after ‘Never Enough‘ was going to be a challenge because it was such a huge song,” Loren said in a statement to Jon Ali. “Instead of trying to compete head-on with that, I chose to go a different route entirely and create something more stripped-down and personal. I want to connect more with my audience moving forward, and ‘This Summer‘ is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been.”

As the track builds and swells with more gorgeous production, Loren starts to loudly lose control: “Just close your eyes/ Pretend for awhile/ The world’s not on fire/ And we’ll be alright/ I bet we could fall in love/ This Summer,” she wails, showcasing her genuinely powerful chops. It’s a solid debut, that’s for sure.

“‘This Summer‘ is my love letter to everyone around the world that felt as lost and isolated as I did,” Loren continued. Even when I felt like the world was on fire, I couldn’t help but hope that love was on the horizon. As summer comes to a close, I hope this song gives you as much comfort as it gave me. Please accept this as my heartfelt thank you for your unending support. Its creation led me on the path to being artistically fulfilled on my own terms, in my own words.”

No need to pretend: Loren’s more than enough. Get familiar!

Loren Allred’s debut single “This Summer” is available on all digital outlets now!

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