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On Track: Season Two Premiere, Featuring CHAV!

I’ve been gone for too long, think it’s time I bring it back On Track!

It’s about that time to get A Little More Personal (Raw) all over again. I’ve regrouped with my good friend/talented photographer Matthew Dean Stewart, Maker of Queer Art and True Stan of the Carly Rae Jepsen, for a second round of: On Track, my series focused on bringing you intimate sit-down interviews with rising queer talent and fierce allies.

Season two also marks the debut of the series as a podcast! Moving forward you will be able to consume these brand new episodes in audio form on that ever-present screen in your hands. New episodes will premiere weekly on Thursdays – Subscribe HERE!

Today (September 3), we’re kicking off season two with non-binary superstar on-the-rise CHAV!

CHAV, who co-founded the queer and progressive pop label Flat Pop Records in 2019, has steadily been making their name known in the futuristic pop scene with a slew of diverse releases, from “Patient Zero” to “Fashion Ho” to “Grow Up Together.” After touring alongside Dorian Electra for the past year, their focus has shifted to finishing their upcoming debut project set to be released soon.

On this season premiere episode (recorded pre-pandemic in March), CHAV talks making the move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, their upbringing, creative process, embracing femininity, as well as their plans for the future and much much more.

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Captured and edited by: Matthew Dean Stewart

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