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‘Friends In The Corner’: Foxes Supplies Us With A Timely & Comforting Hug In Song Form!

Everybody’s looking like they need someone…

In times of need, Foxes always pulls through.

The British songstress returned from a three-year hiatus back in May with her liberating anthem “Love Not Loving You,” and then followed it up with “Woman,” a powerful, stripped-down ballad about reclaiming your power. She now makes it three for three with her latest “Friends In The Corner.”

You know when you hear a song, and the lyrics just speak to you so much that you’re like “Oh wow, I think I’m going to need to sit down for this one.” Or maybe you don’t do that, because you aren’t experiencing endless waves of emotional mood swings like myself? I don’t know your life!

In any case, Foxes has just supplied one of those lyrical gems with the endlessly relatable and replayable “Friends In The Corner,” a heartbreaking yet reassuring coming-of-age anthem necessary for acceptance and mental healing.

All of my friends in the corner/ Everybody’s looking like they need someone/ Pretending we don’t fear the morning/ But everybody’s looking like they need someone…,” she cries out on the woosh of a chorus.

It’s essentially a hug in song form. “It was a weekend away with a close group of friends and I considered them to be strong and together, but for some reason at that time they all showed a vulnerable side I’d never seen before,” Foxes said in a statement. “It might have been the age we were at, but everyone’s hidden struggles came to the forefront and it made me realize the older we get sometimes the more fragile we become. It really hit home that we shouldn’t take each other for granted and we’ve really got to look out for our friends. It’s becoming more and more apparent that we all suffer from mental health issues on some level and at different times in our lives. There really shouldn’t be any stigma around this anymore. We’re all in it together.”

Friends In The Corner” serves as a reminder that you truly never know what someone is actually going through. If this year has taught us anything, it is that we must make sure to take care of ourselves and each other. You don’t have to reach rock bottom to deserve support.

Everybody’s looking like they need someone… Do you? Do You? Do You?,” Foxes chants as the song comes to a close – resulting in some rather healing musical medicine for the heavy-hearted.

On a little more personal note: Things have not been easy for me since March (as I’m sure it hasn’t been for many of you). The pandemic hit me hard. I lost most of my work and I fell into a bit of an existential depression. I’m doing much much better these days, but during the time I really had to learn that it’s entirely okay to lean on loved ones for support and let go of my fears of failure. The timing and messaging of this song feels comforting in so many ways and I hope encourages some of you to seek out help if needed. You’re never actually alone!

Thank you, Foxes <3

“Friends In The Corner” is available on all streaming services now!

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