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‘Watch Your Step’: Kelis Makes Her Return To The Dance Floor With Disclosure!

The new Disclosure record, ENERGY, has arrived at last!

As the title exclaims, it’s here to give you every once of ENERGY you need: Between the incredible “Lavender” with Channel Tres, the summer rush of “My High” with rappers Aminé and slowthai to the ’90s-feeling, soulful groove that is “Birthday” with Kehlani and Syd, the record is brimming with stylistic dance diversity from start to finish.

There’s something here for everyone and all of the songs are varying levels of “good,” but one of them is truly a gem — and that’s “Watch Your Step,” featuring the one and only Kelis.

Now it’s been a minute since we got some dance floor greatness from Kelis. With her last album Food, the “Milkshake” hit-maker decided to ditch the heavy electro production of Flesh Tone to create something a bit more raw and organic — but don’t fret, she’s not entirely done with dance floor.

The reliable boys of Disclosure have smartly called on Kelis to join in on their fun with album opener “Watch Your Step.” The end result is a pulsating House smash, as Kelis laces her delicious vocals above four-to-the-floor synths and Disclosure‘s signature UK garage beats: “I don’t look in the crowd/ Baby, even when the lights come down/ I like to dance like I’m alone in the room/ I’m here tonight/ Baby, to do what I do, yeah…,” she lusciously declares ahead of the ear-worm chorus.

The song’s definitely got shades of Flesh Tone in its DNA: The repetitive call out of “You make me watch your step when you move” in the chorus is all sorts of “Scream.”

Now what you’re doing’s making me move with you!” Yupp, she’s still a commander of the dance floor.

Is a Flesh Tone sequel in our future? One can only dream!!

Stream “Watch Your Step,” taken from the new Disclosure album ENERGY, here!

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