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‘I.D.C.A.L.’: Brandon Colbein Has Had Enough!

Let’s get well acquitted with Brandon Colbein.

You might not instantly recognize Brandon‘s name, but you probably know some of his work: The 27-year-old Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter signed his first major publishing deal in 2016 under the mentorship of superstar hit-maker, Justin Tranter, and has already been a part of penning a bunch of tracks for some our favorite pop stars, including ZAYN‘s “Tonight,” Bea Miller‘s “Brand New Eyes,” Terror Jr.‘s “Terrible“, Liam Payne‘s “Home With You,” all three of Hayley Kiyoko‘s singles from Expectations (“Feelings,” “Curious” and “What I Need” with Kehlani), and most recently, JoJo‘s “Small Things” from her latest album, good to know.

Not too shaby, right? On top of all that, Brandon‘s also been keeping busy carving out some gems of his very own as a solo musical act with a number of high quality tunes, including “So Bad,” “Mad” and “Mess” earlier this year.

I.D.C.A.L.” aka “I Don’t Care About Love” is the name of Brandon‘s newest single released today (July 31). It’s a defiant declaration of self following a break-up, as he vividly paints the picture across infectious acoustics and electronic pulsations before heading straight into a stomping battle cry of a chorus: “If I can’t have your trust, I don’t care about love/ Think we’ve been through enough/ I’m not giving up yet, not on us,” he declares.

“Inspiration from this song was easy. It’s my personal experience of being cheated on, how I perceive love and relationships,” Brandon said in statement to Jon ALi. “I would love it if people listening would sit with themselves and take a closer look at some of their relationships. Are some of those people just there because you love them? Well.. for me that is not enough, I need trust, I need to be able to share my darkest side with the people I’m closest with. I am also willing to give up that relationship if it feels toxic or harmful to me in any way. I don’t need any of that energy moving forward.”

It’s refreshingly relatable and heart-on-sleeve, just the way a songwriter bursting at the seams to tell his own story should sound. I’m pretty sure there’s plenty more to come. Get familiar with Brandon Colbein now!

Brandon Colbein’s new single is available on all streaming services now!

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