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‘Tunnel Vision’: Fields Gets Lost In A Frantic Bedroom Fantasy!

Hi. Meet Fields, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter.

Yes you can swoon, that’s indeed what he looks like — but that’s not what we’re talking about here on this day.

Following the spring release of his single “48 Hours,” which you may have found on my Queer Necessities playlist back in April, the rising pop prince is moving forward with two new songs, both equally impressive in their own right.

Kicking things off is his brand new Socialchair-produced single “Tunnel Vision,” a song that demands your attention from the very first play. “I can’t take it, I’m weak between the knees/ Head is spinning, like your hands are on me/ Pushing buttons to fake the fantasy/ Tunnel Vision, you’re all I can see,” Fields declares above hypnotic pulsations, sleek guitar riffs and layers upon layers of romping synths.

“My favorite line in the song is ‘I can’t take it, I’m weak between the knees’. At first when I wrote this line it made me really uncomfortable, and I thought it was really funny, but as the rest was fleshed out I realized it fit so well,” Fields said in statement. “When you’re into someone, it really feels like your desire for them is your weakness. Because if they reject you or you can’t get to them, it can drive you crazy.”

Each declaration paints a vivid, sensual fantasy as the beats slam a bit harder into the speakers. Fields just wants to burst! In what way, exactly? An all-night sexcapade perhaps? Dancing to a pop song? Whatever it is (you know what it is), he just wants to do it and do it now. Take him there!

“The obvious metaphor in ‘Tunnel Vision‘ is masturbation. The light on the other side is your orgasm. You cum when you exit the tunnel. Duh!,” Socialchair added in his statement. “All in all, the song is meant to emphasize the utter insanity that can come with infatuation. That song is this frenetic and chaotic frenzy as you pursue your pleasures.”

Fields‘ come-on game is a little soft and aggressive (you know, that good balance), and I’m 100% here for it.

Like his last single “48 Hours,” “Tunnel Vision” also comes accompanied with a B-Side: “Win Me Over” is the flipside of the same coin – a pulsating slice of chilly, synthesized angst. The lyrics are pure poetry, too: “You said you tried to win me over, you did babe/ And I won’t fake, that you won me over…,” is a last call to someone for another chance at what they “fucked up.”

Fields’ new single “Tunnel Vision” is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music now!

Judging by what Fields has already got to offer, his potential seems limitless. Get familiar now!

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