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Davy Boi Remains Strong On New Self-Care Anthem, ‘Do Myself Better’!

It’s time to put on that happy face… Davy Boi is back!

Davy Boi, if you’ll recall from my On Track series, is a Baton Rouge-raised pop singer-songwriter-producer on the rise.

His debut EP, Errything So Far…, which he released all on his own back in 2019, remains impressive sonic ear candy since the day it dropped.

Davy‘s remained pretty quiet on the music front for over a year now. His absence largely due to unexpected anxiety and depression that consumed most of that time,” he says, which leads us to his new single: “Do Myself Better,” a self-care anthem produced by MKBLV & Shiftee, and co-written by Hannah Avison.

Despite its inspiration, the song plays out like a blissful and joyful new life mantra packed with Davy‘s signature crooning, tripping beats, non-stop melodies (“gotta, gotta, do myself better“) and positive self-affirmations galore.

“‘Do Myself Better” is a pledge to take self-care more seriously,” Davy Boi said in a statement. “It’s about looking at Imposter Syndrome in the face and confronting daily anxiety in a tongue and cheek manner. I know other people are experiencing feelings of not being the best versions of themselves, so I wanted to give a voice to that and say, ‘Hey, you’re not alone. Same here.'”

We all are capable of exuding confidence, but that is not without working through those hidden issues of self-love and self-doubt. “Do Myself Better” is the kind of song that feels instantly relatable from the very first play. A WIN!

The single is accompanied by Davy Boi‘s new podcast series of the same name – Do Myself Better. On it, he sits down with predominately Queer talents to discuss self-care particularly during the current global pandemic. Featured guests so far include a diverse array of singer-songwriters and yes, yours truly. Subscribe now and keep a look out for our episode together <3

Davy Boi’s new single “Do Myself Better” is available on all streaming services now!

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