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Michael Love Michael Continues To Push The Movement With ‘JFC’!

Michael Love Michael‘s got zero time for your bullshit and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

In honor of Juneteenth and Pride month, NYC-based queer pop talent Michael Love Michael has released their brand new single “JFC,” a powerful and hypontizing record that boasts a clear message in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom lately. I’m really interested in deconstructing the idea that it’s something black people, people of color, trans and queer people had to ‘politely’ ask for from a white society,” Michael told Jon ALi in a statement. “A lot of the recent BLM protests are making it clear that asking doesn’t exactly work, so therefore we must demand and claim the respect, personhood and freedom we simply are. Freedom can’t be bought or sold, but rather claimed as a divine birthright. Culture is defined by those of us who society has deemed marginal.”

Following their empowering messaging with previous singles “6 Jaguars” and “Rope,” “JFC“‘s messaging feels like a natural and fittingly evolution for Michael. Except this time, their deliveriy feels distinctively purposeful. It’s harder and more aggressive in its approach, and rightfully so.

JFC” aka “Jesus Fucking Christ,” which was produced by Michael and their frequent collaborator Rich Dasilva, is essentially a call to arms in song form – a way to push the cause through musical expression.

“JFC” is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify now!

“‘JFC‘ is simply a power statement from me, acknowledging these truths, and that we longer owe—nor have we ever owed— a system that doesn’t respect us,” Michael continued in their statement. “Embedded in my lyrics is the idea that as Black people, we are culture and so therefore we can rebuild a new system, with allies of all kinds who imagine a more equitable world, one that cares for people and planet equally. As I sing, we must prioritize our freedom and joy and weed out bullshit. The song is also in service to our world’s most powerful people, Black trans women, past present and future, as well as our ancestors whose fought for their divine freedom. The timing with Pride Month and Juneteenth are far from accidental. I hope people who listen fuck with the message of self-actualized empowerment, that they reclaim any time stolen from them, and find their own ways to stand up for the liberation of Black people everywhere, no matter how they identify. Supporting organizations such as Glits, Trans Women of Color Collective, For the Gworls, and others that uplift Black trans women is a wonderful place to start.”

JFC” is exactly the kind of messaging we need to be listening to right now. If that makes you mad, well then, stay mad.

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