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Zee Machine Leaves All His Fucks Behind On ‘Honeydew’!

Zee Machine‘s fucks are at a solid zero in his new single, “Honeydew.”

If you’re a fan of my Queer Necessities playlist, you’re probably already familiar with the talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and the gems found on his debut EP, Brainchemistry.

That being said, it’s been well over a year since the release of Brainchemistry. Zee Machine is a brand new man.

When speaking to Zee, he recalled being in a different headspace this time around. “I feel like the last year and a half of working with other songwriters and musicians in L.A. has allowed me to access a more fearless side of my own work. I absolutely adore the songs on the ‘Brainchemistry‘ EP and love the messages in there but listening back to it now I can tell that I was trying REALLY REALLY hard on every track. Everything was at a 10,” he said.

Since then, Zee has been prepping the release of his forthcoming sophomore EP, which was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. “I’ve started trusting my gut more, definitely loosened up a bit on control over every aspect of the creative process, and just allowed myself to toy with new sounds/styles/concepts that make me feel good without worrying what other people are going to think,” Zee told Jon ALi. “Which ironically seems to help people connect to the songs even more.”

On “Honeydew,” the second single off his upcoming EP following lead single “Stealing Candy,” Zee‘s certainly letting his fuck-it-all state of mind run free. The electro-pop tune is an angsty and empowering anthem, and not in an overly obvious or pandering kind of way. Instead, the song sees him cutting his losses and choosing to carry on above a strutting drum pulse.

The hooks are sweet, and its inspiration, which steamed from a moment of liberation, is even sweeter: “All fucks truly went out the window for this one. Which is actually what the song ended up being about. I went through a lot of huge transitions in my personal life last year. I had been living in such a way where I was just anxious and fearful of everything around me and was constantly belittling myself to avoid facing that fear at any cost,” Zee continued. “I don’t know what exactly happened or how it happened, but one day I looked at myself and just said ‘I work way too hard every day for stupid shit to keep me down like this’ and my whole outlook on my life just blew wide open. I suddenly felt fearless and free. I’m really happy with the way the spirit of that feeling is encapsulated in the production of this one.”

“Honeydew” is available on all streaming services now!

“I wanted to completely punch people in the face with something weird and different. The songs I’ve put out this year are the first ones I’ve released with a new producer. Moises Zulaica really changed my creative process and opened up my mind and ear for production. I’ll bring in my demo recording with the overall feel for the song with all the melodies and most of the lyrics, but sometimes when you’ve become so close to a piece of art you’ve created you can’t really see it anymore. We kept a lot of the stems from the original demo (the underlying drum groove, the guitar hook and solo) but then he helped me blast the rest of it into outer space (the vocal production, the bonkers percussion, the vocal chops and samples) in ways I could not have imagined if I was sitting alone by myself trying to write it. We laughed about it a lot because we thought the ‘Honeydew‘ metaphor was so stupid at first (and truthfully it might still be…) but I never would have taken a bizarre risk like that without having another creative mind in the room bringing it to life with me. Wait til you hear what we’ve got next!”

Honeydew” is a breakthrough moment in song form, a reminder to us all that misplacing ones fucks can actually be a good thing. Get into it!

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