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Kyunchi & Chaseicon Join Forces On Cosmic Banger, ‘Lice’!

And now it’s time to dive into a different dimension….

“This song is our child,” says Kyunchi, whose much-teased collaboration with ChaseiconLice” has finally dropped.

For those of you unaware: Kyunchi is an internet angel that makes hyperpop music inspired by all things memes, celebrities, pop culture and fashion (think Paris Hilton on acid).

Then there’s Chaseicon. It should come as no surprise if Chaseicon has already made her way onto your screen, again and again. Chase is the highly recognizable voice behind the internet’s most iconic Lady Gaga voiceovers (we must protect her at all costs).

Their collaboration started out as a joke on Twitter, but quickly turned into a fully-realized project. So yes, “Lice” is the result of the internet working its gay magic. You’re welcome.

The song, which also serves as Chaseicon‘s musical debut, sounds like a frenetic, ’90s House-meets-space-age pop explosion. A cosmic, itch-inducing dance floor offering for the new age.

“Lice” is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify now!

How did you and Chase get connected and what led to you two working together on a song?

Kyunchi: The way we met was quite spontaneous and beautiful actually. One day I came across Chase’s voice overs and like fell in love with her energy immediately. She’s a true icon! I had no choice but to stan and so I followed her. Then interestingly enough it turns out that she actually listened to my music so she followed me back and we became friends from there.

Chase: It was definitely fate that we started talking to each other, and our friendship quickly escalated because our chaotic energies matched so perfectly. We realized how much of a power duo we were and decided we had to have song that showcases that dynamic between us.

Inspiration behind the song’s title and making?

Kyunchi: This song is our child. It symbolizes everything we love about the Internet. We wanted to create something that was highly conceptual, very bizarre, thought provoking, random, funny, unexpected but have it be a really good song at the end of the day.

Chase: It definitely comes from a place of sheer absurdity. We wanted to have a song called ‘Lice‘ because it’s highly-memeable, never been done before, and the gag is that it’s actually a bad bitch anthem!

Message or feeling you and Chase want listeners to take away from the song?

Kyunchi: This song started as a shapeshifting concept that kept on transforming with every step of the project taking on different meanings with each change. I relate so much to what Lady Gaga said about ARTPOP when she said ‘My ARTPOP could mean anything‘ because ‘Lice‘ is an artistic playground for the listeners to explore their own imagination without boundaries. They are free to define their own meaning.

Chase: It’s really meant to break the rules and step outside the box many artists put themselves in. Our goal is to encourage people and make them feel liberated by the fact that despite what other people may say, if you’re confident in yourself and what you do, the power is yours. They’ll never touch the crown!

In conclusion: Stream “Lice” for clear skin.

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