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Andrea Di Giovanni Sends Message Of Hope With ‘Stand Up’!

Andrea Di Giovanni is back at it with the right kind of messaging during this most uncertain time.

If you’re unfamiliar with Andrea Di Giovanni, they first caught my attention as a finalist of UK-based LGBTI talent contest Pride’s Got Talent. Since then, Andrea has prided themselves as not only being a talent in the world of independent pop (“BANG” still bangs), but on being a much-needed voice for human rights.

This week, Andrea continues to push forward with their cause with the release of “Stand Up,” the first single from their upcoming album Rebel – co-written with UK talent, SXMSON, and produced by Tylr Rydr (Ashnikko, Tinx).

It’s an emotional-yet-inspiring record that explores a welcomed lighter sound for the dark-pop enthusiast, along with delivering an important and uplifting message of hope. “Stand Up!/ It’s not easy lately/ This time you’re not alone/ and now I’m praying for you!,” Andrea chants on the soaring chorus, backed by an almighty choir.

“‘Stand Up‘ is a very special song for me. Initially it was meant to help me revisit my childhood. It was supposed to talk about the impact of growing up in a highly religious environment and how this interacted with my sexuality and relationship with self-love. But then it grew into something much bigger. It became an anthem of sorts that touches on the past but looks to the future with hope and love,” Andrea told Jon ALi in a statement. “I’ve co-written the song with SXMSON, who’s a brilliant artist/song-writer and with whom I shared very similar experiences growing up. The song means a lot to me because it harnesses a message of openness and love while ‘standing up’ to our fears and limitations.”

The message Andrea hope transpires is: “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel no matter what obstacle, judgement or injustice life throws at you. And you can overcome anything you want, even your own self, when you don’t give in to fear.”

Stand Up” is part of a charity project in which I will donate 50% of the streaming earnings to the Outside Project, UK’s first LGBTIQ+ crisis/homeless Shelter & Community Centre in London.

I’ll admit, I got a bit choked up during my first listen. It’s undeniably perfect for the present moment. Stand up strong everyone! Thank you, Andrea.

Andrea Di Giovanni’s new single “Stand Up” is available on streaming services here!

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