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Noah Davis Reaches New Heights With New Single, ‘So High’!

Remember that adorable American Idol contestant who instantly stole our hearts with one word:

Yeah, that one. Well his name is Noah Davis and he’s still stealing our hearts. Except now, it’s with his very own music.

Following the release of his promising power ballad “Lie To Me” back in March, Noah‘s ready to take us to new heights with his latest “So High,” a sparkly, feel-good and breathlessly earnest pop confessional.

Noah‘s channeled that uniquely euphoric feeling of falling for someone into song with that hands-in-the-air chorus blast-off: “I wanna breathe you in/ Got me feeling so high/ and I don’t ever want to come down/ Got me craving it/ 24/7/ I’m a fiend, you can see it in my eyes/ And I’m feeling like I’m up on cloud 9/ been rollin’ all night…”

“‘So High” is obviously inspired by a boy I was crushing on, but even more so about the feeling of finding someone you really vibe with and becoming addicted to that euphoric feeling,” Noah told Jon ALi in a statement. “I wrote most of it VERY late at night alone in my apartment, and then brought it into a session with Natania (co-writer) and David (producer). I knew I wanted it to be an upbeat, summer smash that makes you want to put your windows down and shout the song with your friends! I feel like we for sure achieved that! Tea!”

Noah‘s surely got the goods to make proper moves in the popsphere. For those looking for a feel-good escape, allow Noah‘s infectious tune to take you high up into the sky.

Noah Davis’ latest single “So High” is available on all streaming services now!

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