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Pia Mia Returns To Reclaim Her Pop ‘Princess’ Throne!

Princess Pia Mia is back in action.

It’s been a bit since we got some fresh material from Pia: the talented Guam-born 23-year-old has been pursing her career as an independent artist ever since the release of her 2017 single, “I’m A Fan” with Jeremiah. “I was an Island girl, basically out here alone navigating Hollywood, trying to figure out the music industry and how I was going to make my dreams a reality,” Pia told Billboard. “It was a lot to deal with. I just felt really lost in my career. I had put my whole life into this, and I just wasn’t seeing how it was going to play out.”

She’s gone on to release The Gift 2, and a slew of singles (“Bitter Love,” “Crybaby,” “Feel Up” and “Don’t Get Me Started“) since then. And as of this month, Pia‘s apparently gone ahead and signed a brand new joint deal with Electric Feel Entertainment and Republic Records.

So yes, she’s back and ready to “Do It Again,” if you will, with the release of: “Princess,” the first taste of what to expect from her upcoming Electric Feel/Republic debut.

The cocky but sweet Wallis Lane-produced throb is perhaps a just fine place to re-start. It’s a sassy #SomethingMoreUrban pop throb all about her lux “sugar mami” status.

He call me ‘Honey baby,’ he know I’m the princess (‘cess)/ For the time that he’s mine, he get what he needs/ Take him shoppin’, it ain’t nothin’ ’cause I’m rich, rich (rich)/ Watch him shine, baguetty time, his sugar mami…,” she declares on the hook that heavily samples “Kiss Kiss” by Chris Brown and T-Pain.

It seems as though Pia really did want to “Do It Again” by connecting herself with Chris Brown yet again. At least this time around, he’s not actually featured on the song. It’s no “Touch” (is it too late for #JusticeforTouch?), but for sure a solid buzz tune that serves as a nice re-introduction to Pia. Welcome back girl.

Pia Mia’s latest “Princess” is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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