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Loren Gray Bakes Her ‘Cake’ & Eats It Too With Independence Bop!

Loren Gray is that rising pop girl of the modern generation.

The 18-year-old YouTube/TikTok star-turned-pop princess has been consistently serving solid pop records since her 2018 debut, “My Story.” More recently, her collaboration with Lost Kings (“Anti-Everything“) is an instantly infectious relatable dance-pop bop, and her most recent single “Can’t Do It with “My Type” hit-maker Saweetie is among one of my favorite pop songs of 2019. She’s not trying to reinvent the wheel with her music, it’s seated somewhere at the table alongside Ariana Grande, Zara Larsson, Madison Beer and Sabrina Carpenter. You know, somewhere right in there.

Anywho, Loren‘s just released her new single today (May 13) called, “Cake” – and in short, I’m here for it.

I’ma bake a cake and eat the whole damn thing/ Taste way better when I don’t care what you think/ I’ma do my thing-thing/ Don’t care what you think-think…,” she confidently declares across the tripping hip-hop beats and sparkling atmospherics. “I’ma stay up late and wake up where I want/ If you try to call me, no, I won’t pick up/ I’ma let it ring-ring/ Don’t care what you think-think.”

It’s a satisfyingly short and sweet little declaration of personal independence. At this very uncertain time where so many things can seem so heavy, it’s nice to escape a bit with a little “IDGAF” pop ode. I’m buying what you’re selling Loren Gray… or eating what you’re  baking. IDK. You get it…

Loren Gray’s latest single “Cake” is available to stream on all platforms now!

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